Safety tips for the beach

Summer is almost up and many families are closing it out with a trip to the beach for a sun-filled, relaxing vacation. The beach is a great place to unwind, but there are some hidden dangers present. If you’re not careful, a trip to the beach can turn deadly in an instant.  Here are some safety tips to keep your family safe while they have fun in the sun.

1.) Use life jackets for children. 

Whether its a pool or the ocean, you can never be too careful when children are around water, especially toddlers. Regardless of age or how well your children swim, the ocean is unpredictable.  Between dropoffs, rip currents, and changing tides, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Always put your kids in life jackets while they are swimming in the ocean or a lake.  A life jacket will keep them afloat, even if something unexpected happens.  

2.) Slather on the Sunscreen.

A trip to the beach requires ample sunscreen to protect yourself and your kids from the sun’s harmful rays.  Slather on a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher, and make sure you have a source of shade — hats, umbrellas, tents, sunglasses — readily available.  Make sure you reapply waterproof sunscreen every hour and a half to ensure maximum protection. 

3.) Wear Water Shoes.

Feeling the sand between your toes is part of the quintessential beach experience, but when it’s upwards of 100 degrees outside, the squishy sand doesn’t feel so great. Water shoes help protect feet from hot sand or decks.  Plus, they help you to avoid getting cut from rocks, coral, or unseen pieces of glass that may be lurking in the water or sand.

4.)  Don’t Take Your Eyes Off Your Kids.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the unpredictability and dangers of the ocean.  Never take your eyes off of them while they are in the water.  Even if your kids know how to swim, they could still fall and hit their head or get pulled out by a strong rip current.  Keeping your eyes on them at all times will ensure that if they do get into trouble, you are there to help them out.  Plus, this means you won’t miss a moment of their fun.

5.) Don’t Forget Stranger Danger.

Remind your children of the stranger danger safety rules.  When there are a lot of people on the beach, you can’t be sure if the person sitting next to you has ill intentions or not.  This is another reason why it is so important to keep an eye on your kids at all times.  You also need to be sure they know to stay where you can see them and don’t walk off with a stranger.  Be sure to teach your kids what “stranger” means and what to do if someone tries to lure them away.

Keep your beach vacations fun and stress-free by minding these 5 simple safety rules.  Always put your kids in life jackets, use sunscreen, and keep a keen eye on your children.  We hope you enjoy your beach travels!