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The LPFPD4 is committed to providing our citizens information to help them fully understand our mission, administration and operations. This page helps locate important information related to fire district transparency and data disclosure best practices.

If you need any information not posted on this page, please contact our administration offices at 225-664-7123.

My grandma was saved in a terrible fire. She has instilled in me the belief that those who risk their lives should be thanked, even if they have not done anything to help me.

Teresa Ward
Teresa WardLivingston Parish

I couldn't say any word when i saw what these brave men do! I was impressed that these people don't do it for the money, they do it for the love for the profession.

Robert Hoffman
Robert HoffmanLivingston Parish

Once the firefighters put down the fire in our house. I want to tell them Thank you for saving our lives and the house. I can't wait to be a firefighter when I grow up.

Arthur Garret
Arthur GarretLivingston Parish

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