Our History

The beginning…

Livingston Parish Fire Protection District 4 was formed in 1975 when a group of concerned citizens petitioned the police jury for assistance. At this time, the Town of Walker had a municipal fire department, but the jurisdiction did not extend past the city limits. This left many citizens, spread out over hundreds of square miles, without fire protection.

Realizing the significant threat to public safety, the Livingston Parish Police Jury formed Livingston Parish Fire Protection District 4. The boundaries of the district were established to provide fire protection to previously unserved areas of the parish.

Today, LPFPD4 is currently a PIAL Protection Class 4 rating covering 225 squares miles and operates from 10 modern fire stations positioned strategically throughout the district.  A combination of volunteer and paid professional personnel to deliver fire protection and life-saving emergency response services for citizens of this rapidly growing region. 

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