Active shooter training

The Livingston Parish Fire Protection District 4 (LPFPD4) is participating in a four-day Rescue Task Force Model Training Program, hosted by the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office this week.  The training program is offered to all Livingston Parish law enforcement agencies, all Livingston Parish fire departments and Acadian Ambulance Services and includes a specific training on how to handle active shooter incidents.

“All first responders work on the same team and share a common goal to protect the public. Inter-agency communication is the key to teamwork,” said Chief James Wascom. “We are delighted to be working and training alongside these exceptional agencies and focusing on how best we can serve our community and save more lives.”

Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard says, ‘This training focuses on a mutli-agency response to active shooter incidents. While we have a great working relationship with these different departments now, I want this training to focus on victim care and possibly saving more lives. There was a time when Fire/EMS would have to wait to render aid until the scene was considered ‘safe’. That’s not the case anymore. We have the ability to speed up that timeline & that’s what this training will do – walk us through carefully orchestrated steps to be implemented while eliminating a threat. We’re just adding another layer to the services we all provide.’


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