Beat the August Heat

Beat the August Heat

As summer temperatures remain high through August, so does the risk of heat-related illness. While temperatures remain in the 90s offering little relief for locals, it is vital to know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke so that you can respond quickly in an emergency.

Signs of heat exhaustion include muscle cramping, heavy sweating, vomiting or fainting, and heat stroke signs include a body temperature above 103°F, lack of sweat, dry skin, rapid pulse or unconsciousness.

Move indoors to air-conditioning and seek medical attention immediately if you experience any symptoms of heat-related illness.

Remain vigilant and remember these safety tips from The American Red Cross to help you and your family BEAT THE AUGUST HEAT!

  1. NEVER LEAVE CHILDREN OR PETS IN YOUR VEHICLE. The inside temperature of the car can quickly reach 120 degrees. Other heat safety steps include:
  2. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of fluids. Avoid drinks with caffeine or alcohol.
  3. Avoid extreme temperature changes.
  4. Wear loose-fitting, lightweight, light-colored clothing. Avoid dark colors as they absorb the sun’s rays.
  5. Slow down, stay indoors. Avoid strenuous exercise during the hottest part of the day.
  6. Postpone outdoor games and activities.
  7. Use a buddy system when working in excessive heat. Take frequent breaks if working outdoors.
  8. Check on family, friends, and neighbors who do not have air conditioning, who spend much of their time alone or who are more likely to be affected by the heat.

Heat-related illnesses are serious, but something we can avoid by using caution.  Stay safe!