About the Referendum

Livingston Parish has enjoyed tremendous population growth over the last 40 years, yet the millage rate that funds the work of LPFPD4 has not been adjusted since 1975. Maintaining and improving the service levels that are needed to adequately protect life and property is a continuing challenge for the department.

LPFPD4 needs your support to continue providing expert service and protection to meet the growing demands of the community.

On April 30, 2022, voters will have opportunity to approve an additional 15 mill property assessment that will allow the department to increase staffing, maintain vehicles and equipment, and provide adequate facilities for firefighters and other first responders.

It is an honor that Our Family Can Protect Your Family. We will continue to serve and protect our community with the same commitment we would exhibit in protecting our own family, but the LPFPD4 firefighters need your support to keep up with the growing demands of the district.  


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Strategic Plan

The LPFPD4 Strategic Plan guides the department’s path to remain progressive.

News Release

Learn more about the upcoming referendum on the April 30th ballot.

Facts, Figures & FAQs

Access the facts, figures and frequently asked questions about the upcoming referendum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the referendum about on April 30?

LPFPD4 is seeking voter approval for additional funding of 15 mills. Currently, with our 10 mills tax, D4 operates on a $2.6 million annual budget to protect property with an assessed value that exceeds $407 million.

Why does LPFPD4 need additional funding and how will it be spent?

Livingston Parish has experienced a 100% growth in population and assessed value in the last 10 years, which results in significant increase in our call volume and inspections. For District 4 to continue providing expert service and protection for our growing community, additional funds are needed to increase personnel, and to maintain vehicles, equipment, and apparatus.

When was the last time the annual millage rate has been increased?

Despite significant population growth, the annual millage rate has not been increased since 1975. Yet, the population of Livingston Parish has increased nearly 100,000 people since 1975. (Population in 1975: 43,800 and 2020: 143,616; Source: U.S. Census Bureau)

What is it going to cost me?

It was cost residents approximately $150 per $100,000 (over homestead exemption). This is based on the Livingston Parish assessor’s appraised value.

How will this benefit me?

Most people don’t think about the fire department or EMS until they need it, and we hope that you never need us. But if and when you do, wouldn’t you want us to be operating at the same expert service that you have come to expect?

Remember to vote: Saturday, April 30, 2022

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