On behalf of the firefighters and staff of the Livingston Parish Fire Protection District 4
(LPFPD4), I would like to thank the citizens for their continued support. As a result of
your loyalty, we are well-equipped, well trained, and ready to face any task placed
before us.

Some of our challenges remain and continue to grow along with our district. The need
for additional station locations and apparatus, renovations to existing stations, and
additional staffing continue to be the most pressing needs. As such, we’ve developed
this strategic plan to address those challenges.

I am honored to present the 2021 Strategic Plan, which identifies and guides the
department toward achieving operational improvements so we can provide the best
services for the residents of our District. These recommendations outline a “strategic
path” forward to remain progressive and ahead of the citizens’ needs for service.

The Strategic Plan was developed, analyzed and vetted by members of the LPFPD4,
select elected officials, and stakeholders across our community. It identifies our three
main goals and our strategic initiatives, including personnel, capital building projects and
apparatus improvements. It shows the start-up cost and any additional recurring costs
for each initiative. Our department has begun researching grant opportunities and
other funding sources for these goals.

The goals and initiatives in the Strategic Plan reflect our mission and vision and have
been built using the foundation of the LPFPD4 core values. We will work diligently and
on behalf of our stakeholders (which we define as residents and visitors to the District
4 coverage area), to see these initiatives realized. We respectfully ask for your support
of this plan so that we can enhance the quality of emergency services and improve the
overall quality of life for our stakeholders.

It is an honor to serve District 4 and we look forward to what the future will bring.

Respectfully yours,

Chief James T. Wascom